Waitlist for Structured Literacy Training

We want to give back to educators, paraprofessionals, and parents by offering our structured literacy workshop at a price they can afford.

We expect the updated course to go live on June 6th.

The course will have a cohort schedule for those who want to go through the training on a proscribed schedule and self-paced/self-directed schedule. Enrollment will give access to the course and materials through the end of August.

The course will have a proscribed training schedule and a self-paced/self-directed component to accommodate more schedules and availability.

To receive updates and notice of the launch of our Pay-What-You-Can Reading Workshop, sign up below.

This pay-what-you-can workshop is intended to support individuals. We ask for a minimum payment of $100 to cover our overhead costs. For more information about professional development opportunities school systems, email: learntoread@learnupcenters.org

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